The power of “The Word” and how to take responsibility.

Words.  They are so powerful.  So much so that we have to take responsibility for them whether they’re written or spoken or text makes no difference.  If we don’t use certain words carefully, we may find ourselves hurt or… we might hurt others.

But what words do we have to be careful with?

As a member of the Y gen and as an English teacher I have to consider both sides of using “The Word”. The good words and bad words. It’s just a matter of how to understand which are the good words and which are bad words, but I think to really understand this concept, one has to really consider both sides morally… my generation – the Y gen who takes the view of bad words on a different slope to its previous generations the x gen and especially, the baby boomers and therefore are more likely to use “bad language” freely without concern for others.  So, even though it’s more socially acceptable, does that make it ok to say it?

Even though I may say it myself, and around friends in particular, there is a reason why bad language isn’t accepted at school.  Why? Because it’s wrong.  But will there be a day when it isn’t?

According to my other side, as an English teacher, for someone who teaches the English language, I consider that someone who has a good vocabulary is someone who avoids using the F word because generally the F word is a word used because the person cannot think of an effective enough verb/adjective/noun to use instead.  But my Y gen counterpart would simply say… is there really another word as effective as Fuck?

So this is where it gets tricky. Is Fuck a bad word? Or is it how it’s used? My English teacher counterpart would agree that the words, if used at all, should be used in a witty sort of way or for “lack of a better word”.

The Y Gen me would really just think that bad language can be used with friends. But, important where and when you use them.

But it’s important to consider both sides.  Is using bad language in public places where there are children or grandparents acceptable? Or is it really… kind of terrible of you?  We do have to consider others feelings.  But we can’t consider everyone’s feelings.  Because one way or another, you’re going to offend someone… but most of the time, these days, people don’t give a fuck.

People tend to generally see the use of  words as black and white.  Or is it really a matter of seeing this as a “grey” concept – by mixing the two. Can bad language be good language? And why are certain words acceptable these days, whereas only a few decades ago if I said “Fuck” out loud I would get myself into a bit of a pickle.

How far can we take bad language?