Something new, something… blue?

I like this time of year. You feel warm. You feel fuzzy. Somehow the light shines through the end of the tunnel and you rekindle with your motivation. I wonder how long it lasts? Is it really only because of the extra Vitamin D that we find ourselves such the merrier?

Hmm. Maybe not.

Maybe things just have an ‘expiry’ date, and somehow, things reborn. Winter is just winter.  Spring comes around again.

Today has been a mixed week.  A combination of being somewhat lonely and somewhat stifled. It is that dreading sense as a teacher, that one day, you’re going to have to face ‘them’ again. Yeah, I mean the kids.  Today was my first day back and it wasn’t so bad.  Actually it was a lot of fun.  I also took on a lot more responsibility as a teacher.


I had a weird day.

Weird… in a good way.

Now, one of the reasons why, I figured, why I haven’t been writing a lot of poetry these days is because I haven’t been reading a lot of poetry.  I used to just read the classics.  Yes, a lot of Coleridge, Blake, Dickinson.  Nothing modern or recent has really caught my attention.

Do any of you have recommendations? I would love to have a read…

10 thoughts on “Something new, something… blue?

  1. I hope the teaching is going well. Unfortunately, I don’t have any poetry books at home, which clearly illustrates why my writing is less poetic and more prose/description. However, I would suggest Maya Angelou or Matsuo Basho 🙂

  2. Pablo Neruda, Mahmoud Darwish, my favourite, Seamus Heaney. Plath, Jo Bell, 101 Sonnets (Ed. Don Patterson), The Forward Decade of Poetry, Salts Best English Poetry 2012 and 2013.
    Carol Ann Duffy.

    How many? I can see these on my bookcase, Some read others just waiting with a glint in their eye.


  3. i myself dont read much paper poetry though i writ3 poems. had i still extra money as of old i might. one however has certainlt=y stuck out in memory. ‘luck is luck’ by lucia perillo a(sp?). share and enjoy. typos brought to you by touchscreen and felix domesticus.

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