When push comes to shove

Why am I not writing you ask? Well, you see, it probably has a lot to do with writer’s block, and as you can probably tell, it happens A LOT! I guess you could say I lose the motivation. I go in and out of bouts of laziness or I have depression. The reason probably has a lot to do with all of the above, but I also think it has a lot to do with self doubt.

One of the reasons why I started this blog was to motivate myself, to professionalise my writing, and to get my poetry “out there” and feel as if I can actually, in fact, write (not just write, but write well). Sometimes the doubt sinks in of course, and you can tell when I lose the ‘courage’ to post such personal pieces.  It is not so much that it is personal really, all of my writing is, in fact, I feel quite liberated in expressing my ideas.

This particular post is a ‘whatever’ post. The ‘whatever’ post is a way to move past self-doubt and just ‘give-it-a-go’ whether you like it or not (there has got to be a reason why I have the 200 + followers, right?). Meaning that ‘in the name of Merlin’ (Harry Potter reference, if you don’t know it you’re not my friend) I shall write, damnit! And write whether it is good or just ordinary.

Let the ‘whatever’ post be the blogger’s doctrine and let us not worry about the opinions of others but encourage ourselves to ‘give it a go’ and write. In fact, write everyday if you can. Life’s too short.

10 thoughts on “When push comes to shove

    • It means a lot to hear that from a fellow blogger. I’ll have to catch up with your writing and have a read. I guess that’s what I’ve missed the most about checking out this site, that is, the awesome work of the amazing bloggers I have been following.
      Thank you~

  1. Its funny because the moment I got 1 reader and 1 follower I had self-doubt about my writing, it was so much easier writing when I knew no one was reading lol 🙂 I think I would be nervous to have 200 followers! but I do hope I get more. It helps me grow as a writer right(?). I’ve never felt this way before about my writing, because I’ve never had an audience before. Its like the composers of the past, Mozart, Schumann, etc. they were required by Kings or important people to write songs for events, birthdays, concerts. Imagine trying to get inspired on demand! That’s what blogging felt like after I realized I had a small audience. But now I feel differently. I really appreciate that I’m no longer writing for nothing and no one! Yay for followers!

    • Thank you! And true… it’s funny how for a while you can feel no inspiration for it at all, and then suddenly, it comes back to you as if it never went away.

  2. Thank you for this post. I can really relate to it and all the other comments above. Good to know that all these frustrated creative, writers and poets have someplace to go. Thanks to the internet and blogging, we can now express ourselves however we choose.

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