All Eyes – Poetry


All Eyes

By J. A. Weymouth


All eyes are broken glass,

Fractured away from a whole,

Expression imprinted loss,

Nothingness – a black hole.


Tears are but a ripple,

Wavering across that loner pond,

Mirroring life as nothing but a cripple,

Despair dares not respond.


Loss breeds the need,

The need to see greater impressions,

Of souls born to be greedy,

For the better to question.


Left to shudder the anticipation,

Of crumbling sorrow,

Leaves us with the sensation

Of nothing.  Nothing for tomorrow.

18 thoughts on “All Eyes – Poetry

  1. it’s a bit of a cryptic piece though the overall tone is clear: despair and desolation; and there are some brilliant individual lines including the opening; actually the ending is quite effective too

  2. Redplace…I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and especially the time and care you took in sharing your journal techniques. Your poetry reveals a troubadour searching for a road and a crowd. It looks like you found yours. Your writing is extremely crafted and smooth to read. Congratulations.

    • Thank you very much for your kind words… these are most encouraging. I feel that there is so much to share and I hope people leave with something from what I write about. Thanks again :-]

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