The Painted Man – Poetry

The Painted Man

By J.A Weymouth


Vile, vile you all are

but you have never been understood.


Rile something over time

and your decadence will come out.


Who is to say your face is not mine?

There is a feeling that it covers and

breathes us all in.


Then the painted man,

Standing erect,

Will come. Β Come over and

Tease us with his stick.


Bloodied/wet – unlike some

Conscious of a beating drum –

open to each other.


Others chose to ignore it.

And go with the painted man.

20 thoughts on “The Painted Man – Poetry

  1. I really Ike this poem. The painted man seems so evocative of e e cummings’ Red Balloon Man (a personal favorite). I appreciate the use of a pied piper figure – I think it blends well with the rest of the subject matter. Keep them coming.

    • The Painted Man represents that cunning, malevolent mysteriousness who tries to lure people and bring out their worse sides. I really love your interpretation and I must admit I haven’t reading Cummings yet but I will now. πŸ˜‰

  2. What a ominous feeling to this. This is a very effective poem. Love the ambiguity at the end with the penultimate line having a period forcing one to come to terms with the meaning.

  3. Hmmm, I read this now, just after I’d drafted a post about hucksterism and shady “leaders”. Great minds think alike–but not toward “running the show”–we all know how dangerous that sort of power is! Well said.

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