A brand new lens – first steps into the blog-void.

Hi all,

For someone who has taken an interest in the blogging world for many years it’s no surprise that I’ve finally decided to start one of my own. I really get into what people have to say about the world.  It could be from some random interest that I’ve suddenly been introduced to and then some fantastic person has blogged and explored it in some extravagant way and has opened my eyes.  Even when something small and generally unimportant is blabbed on about by some wacky weirdo who can’t hold in their excitment about this wonderful thing that they just have to share their love to the world. I love that shit! I quite like a lot of the stuff I read.  Generally, if it’s “out there”, sweet, cute, funny, “funky”, hip, jive, whatever I’ll read it.

Well, guess it’s my turn. Hope you enjoy it.